Waiting on a Train

Waiting on a Train


Live, then, and be happy, beloved children of my heart, and never forget that until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words,—'Wait and hope.'—

Alexandre Dumas ~ The Count of Monte Cristo



You don't have to be in a train station to wear this shawl.  But wherever you're standing (or sitting), you'll be in elegance.  One of our softest shawls, this shawl is crocheted from a soft blended yarn and trimmed with wooden beads. 


Materials Color Measurements Suggested Use

80% Acrylic

10% Mohair

10& Polyamide

Off White Wingspan 54" x L 28" For times when pacing is inadvisable


If you'd like to make this shawl yourself, go to PremiereYarns.com: Dowager Shawl